Tchibo: Eco Fashion Capsule Wardrobe, Take II

– The Eco Fashion Capsule Wardrobe, Take Two


Dieser Post ist durch die monetäre Kooperation mit Tchibo entstanden. Mit dem Hamburger Unternehmen Tchibo haben wir im letzen Jahr bereits zum Launch der Organic Cotton Linie kollaboriert (hier geht es zum Artikel) und in dem Rahmen auch einen genaueren Blick hinter die Kulissen geworfen (hier geht es zum Interview). 

shortcuts – Leser*innern, die uns schon seit einiger Zeit folgen wissen: wir bleiben selten am gleichen Fleck, ob nun Anna, die beständig zwischen Berlin und Hamburg pendelt oder Esther, die sich einfach nicht entscheiden kann in welcher der schönen Europäschischen Städe sie nun wohnen will. Wer wie wir also fast wöchentlich den Koffer packt, wird wissen: auf das Wesentliche kommt es an. Der Schritt der sich hier auf Reisen als der allerwichtigste heraus gestellt hat? ›Make Things Match‹! Wir packen unsere Koffer (eigentlich meistens Rucksäcke) mit Teilen die eine gute Basis für die tägliche Alltagsuniform bieten. Über den Begriff der Alltagsuniform heraus ist dieses Konzept als Capsule Wardrobe in den Mode Jargon eingegangen: Der Kleiderschrank besteht hier vor allem aus zeitlosen zusammenpassenden Basics. Und das war ja auch schon immer unser liebster und einfachster Schritt gen grüner Garderobe. Mit dieser Capsule Wardrobe stellen wir auch die “Pure Collection” von Tchibo vor, eine Kollektion, die im Rahmen der Time4green Kampagne gelauncht wurde und deren Kleider aus umweltfreundlichen und sozial verantwortlichen Materialien wie recycelter Wolle, recyceltem Polyester und Eco-Logic-Baumwolle hergestellt wurden. 

Everyone who’s been following us for some time now knows: we rarely stay in the same place. Anna is hopping back and forth between Berlin and Hamburg, while Esther simply can’t decide in which of the beautiful European cities she wants to live. And if you pack your suitcase almost every week like we do nowadays, you’ll know: it’s all about the essentials. The step that turned out to be the most important, along the road? Make Things Match! We pack our suitcases (actually mostly backpacks) with items that provide a good basis for our daily uniform. This concept has entered the fashion jargon as Capsule Wardrobe – the concept of the everyday uniform: This special wardrobe consists mainly of timeless and easy-to-match basics.  This has always been our favourite and easiest step towards a greener wardrobe.  Talking capsule wardrobe, may we introduce you to Tchibo‘s Pure Collection? It’s an entire collection that, as part of the Time4green campaign, features items made from environmentally friendly and socially responsible materials such as recycled wool, recycled polyester and eco-logic cotton.

Esther wears: Tchibo Eco-Logic cotton Blouse and Tchibo Coat made from recycled wool and recycled polyester,
private jeans & shoes.

*The use of recycled wool is less resource intensive than the processing of new wool. This is why old wool is reused here and new high-quality wool products are made from it.

The I’m-off-to-Work-Ensemble

If you travel for work a lot then you’ll know how tricky it is to pack skillfully. How formal will the meeting be? Do I even have an iron in my accommodation? (Luckily it never happened to me that I didn’t have one) I like to stick to a white blouse, preferably with a small twist like the balloon sleeves on this beautiful model. And combine it with a pair of bluejeans to keep it casual (double plus: Jeans don’t crinkle) and a Blazer. Or, in this case just, a classic and clean-cut woolen coat. The latter you will need anyway, as the evenings are getting colder with each day… hello fall season, is it you?

Anna wears: Tchibo Sweatshirt with Eco-Logic cotton, private skirt & shoes

*ECO-Logic textiles are made of Indian cotton. Through special training and respectful cooperation, small farmers are supported in the environmentally friendly cultivation of cotton.

The Everyday Sweater

Along with the fall season, our next favourite piece of the current eco conscious collection introduces itself naturally:Let’s call it »the every day sweater«. Because, to be honest, after a long working day we enjoy making ourselves a little more comfortable. And even (or especially) if you aren’t traveling work-related only, the every day sweater is the perfect partner in crime. It’s always a right choice – and goes along with pretty much every other piece of clothing we own… 

What we appreciate most about the pieces – especially the ones we chose for our very personal Capsule Wardrobe – from the current Tchibo collection? The answer is as easy at it is tricky: their accessibility! Everyone starting their own eco- and fair fashion mission knows how difficult it still can still be to find eco-fair fashion in the classic city centres, even nowadays. The selection of eco fashion and fair fashion stores, we believe, is still too small and too-well-hidden to reach a broader audience. All the better, that an influential company is appearing on stage here, hopefully enabling many people to acknowledge and enter the Slow Fashion game. Let’s hope, we’re right! 

P.S.: In 2016, Tchibo received the award for Germany’s most sustainable large company. Read more about the company’s values and it’s history with Greenpeace, here.