Selected Vintage: sneakpeek! die konsumentin x VINOKILO

Wearing: Vintage from our own archive and from VINOKILO

Sneak peek:
Selected Vintage with VINOKILO

Dear friends of consumption… as we are relaunching today, of course the magazine looks a little different from what it will appear in the future. In the upcoming months you will probably find different editorials and label portraits under the FAIR FASHION section above. But: today we have reserved the spot for a rather personal project!

While die konsumentin is launching online, we will spend tonight offline in celebrations co-hosted by our Hamburg based clothing-library-slash-rental-service Kleiderei and spice it with a Selected Vintage Auction supported by our friends from VINOKILO! To celebrate conscious consumerism actively and collectively, instead of just talking about it, we thought of taking you along into the pleasuring depths of hunting for vintage pieces (that is to say: pieces of garments which have sustained for a while already, and therefore proved being worthy of our actual slow fashion manifest). We are speaking red wool dresses, silk blousons and denim that was made to last.

I guess no more words are needed – if you want to, just dwell in the pictures below; or – even better – visit us tonight at 19:30 at ISLAND Hamburg, to partake in the auction fun. <3

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