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Organic Beauty:
Plastic free Bathroom with OrganiCup

Neues Jahr neue Vorsätze. Zugegeben, eigentlich sind sie gar nicht so neu, die Vorsätze dieses Jahr. Hauptsächlich wollen wir noch konsequenter werden: weniger Plastik, weniger Verpackung. Und das überall, nicht nur in der Küche. Letztes Jahr im November haben wir ja bereits über unsere Erfahrungen der no plastic challenge berichtet. Damals ging es hauptsächlich um Lebensmittel – und nun wollen wir diese Herausforderung auch auf andere Bereiche ausweiten: zum Beispiel das Badezimmer! Denn grade hier in diesem ganz alltäglichen, manchmal zu wenig besprochenen, Lebensbereich fällt oft unbemerkt mehr Müll an als wir bemerken. Dies war daher auch die ursprüngliche Motivation von Tampons auf eine Menstruationstasse von OrganiCup umzusteigen – tatsächlich nicht aber der einzige Grund dabei zu bleiben! Persönlich gefällt mir die Tasse ist so viel besser als Tampons, dass ich nicht nur der Umwelt wegen hier meine guten Erfahrungen teilen möchte, sondern vor allem um mehr Frauen* zu inspirieren sich aus ihrer Komfortzone zu bewegen und vielleicht etwas neues – vielleicht viel komfortableres auszuprobieren!

New year new resolutions. To be honest, they are not so new, this new year’s resolutions. Basically we want to be even more consistent: less plastic, less packaging. And that everywhere, not only in the kitchen. Last November we already told you about our experiences with the no plastic challenge. At that time it was mainly about food – and now we want to extend this challenge to other areas of our lives as well: for example the bathroom! Because it is here, in this very everyday – sometimes too little discussed – area of life, quite often more waste is accumulated secretly than we notice. This was therefore also the original motivation to switch from tampons to menstrual cups from OrganiCup – but actually not the only reason to stay with them! Personally, I like the cup so much better than tampons, that I don’t just want to share my experiences because of the environment, but above all to inspire more women* to move out of their comfort zone and maybe try something new – possibly much more comfortable!

Menstrual cup from OrganiCup

No leaks, no worries.

How do I know if I have to change it? How do I know the Size? How to I insert it? I had so many questions about the cup at first, but in the end it’s super simple, I promise. The OrganiCup comes in two sizes, for all who have had a child there it is size M, for all other size S. For menstruates like me, who often have very light flow, tampons are sometimes very unpleasant; but I don’t have this problem with a cup! No matter how much blood, whether a lot or a little, the cup does not bother me.
Really? Also lot? Yes! One cup can contain more liquid than three »super tampons« and can be used for up to 12 hours, so the cup can stay all day or all night (depending on how strong the flow is going, of course).
A doctor-friend of ours also told us that she occasionally wears the cup preventively. For example when she has to do an OP for hours … and doesn’t precisely know when it’s going to flow (and with white work clothes this is certainly unpleasant).

On a recent trip I forgot my cup and had to get me tampons again. By now for me it is such an weird feeling to wear conventional cotton in my body  – and every single tampon packed in plastic! All of that suddenly irritates me a lot. So much trash for that little bit of blood? The cup can simply be washed out in the sink. When I started using it, to be honest, at public bathrooms this was a bit embarrassing for me. But since there are mostly separate bathrooms for men* and woman* (for once I am a friend of that), most of the time the other visitors are – or have been, or will be – menstruating people themselves – I’ve never met anyone who resents me for that, on the contrary.

About the Cup

The OrganiCup is made of 100 % medical-grade silicone that doesn’t mess with your body. Medical silicones have been tested for biocompatibility and are even suitable for medical applications. In addition, OrganiCup is hypoallergenic, toxin-free and vegan!

If you have more Questions about the the OrganiCup check their website, they answer to almost everything you could think of!

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