pinqponq: From bottle to backpack

Pinqponq x diekonsumentin


– backpacks made from 100% recycled PET bottles

* Paid advertisement, includes PR Samples

»shortcuts« – Wer uns seit längerem kennt weiß: fast täglich jonglieren wir zwei zwischen Mode und Alltags-praktikabilität, zwischen morgendlichem Kleiderspaß und dem darauffolgenden mit-dem-Fahrrad-zur-Uni-Radeln, zwischen leichtem Gepäck auf kleinen Veranstaltungen und Reisegepäck wegen unserer diversen Orte die wir momentan zu Hause nennen – und haben es dabei nie geschafft, unsere besten Begleiter Namens Rucksack gegen erwachsenere aber irgendwo doch-so-unpraktische Handtaschen einzutauschen.

Könnt ihr euch also vorstellen wie wir doppelt hinhörten, als das Kölner Label der Stunde namens pinqponq uns fragte, ob wir nicht ihre Rucksäcke aus 100% recycelten PET Flaschen testen wollen? Mit zwei Blicken auf die Unternehmensethik (das Label ist bluesign® Partner, verzichtet auf giftige Chemie in der Produktionskette und ist Mitglied der Fair Wear Foundation) und noch ein paar mehr auf das schöne und ziemlich ausgefeilte Produkt, das wir schon seit einigen Wochen fleissig testen, haben uns das Angebot nicht nehmen lassen. Dürfen wir unser erstes Mini-Lookbook vorstellen, das im schönen Wien, Esthers neuer Heimat entstanden ist? Voilá, pinqponq x diekonsumentin!

Those who have known us for a little longer know, that almost every day we juggle inbetween fashion and everyday practicality, between the fun of dressing up in the morning and the following off-to-university-bike-tour, between light luggage during small events and heavy travel luggage because of the various places we currently call home – and meanwhile have never managed to exchange our best companions called backpacks for more grown-up but somewhat so impractical little handbags.

So, can you imagine how we listened twice when the Cologne-based label of the hour named pinqponq asked us if we wanted to test their backpacks made of 100% recycled PET bottles? With two eyes at corporate ethics (the label is bluesign® partner, goes completely without toxic chemicals along the production process and is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation) and a few more looks on the beautiful and rather sophisticated product, which we have been testing for several weeks now, we couldn’t let this offer down… May we present our first mini-lookbook shot in beautiful Vienna, the city Esther now calls home? Voilá, pinqponq x diekonsumentin!

Esther wears:
pinqponq backpack BLOK medium in red
LANIUS shirt | Vintage skirt and sneaker


The model Esther tried and approved of this spring? Is the BLOK in medium in (we couldn’t resist!) supple red. A perfect daily companion, when spending the day sun-bathing, reading and maybe even swimming at Viennas island down the river, called Donauinsel.

Wear this one as a backpack or a messenger bag, stuff in your swimwear, your books, and even a laptop (easily combined as you can open the backpack from above, at the front, and even grab your laptop through an additional zipper at the side)… and don’t forget to bring a water bottle!

Anna wears:
pinqponq backpack BLOK large in black
Armedangels shirt | Melawear sneaker (PR Sample) | Vintage trousers


The model Anna desperately needed and is wearing on her current daily traveling base ever since? The BLOK in medium, which you can wear in even three ways: a backpack, a messenger and a classic carry-on bag.

Visiting Esther in Vienna, we fitted in every work-gear needed (from laptop to camera), a not-too-tiny travel wardrobe, a bunch of books because Anna is actually trying to write her Master thesis on the way and even the daily newspaper. Any more questions?

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