Outfit of the Week No. 54 – Onimos Vintage

Outfit of the Week No. 54

– Onimos Vintage
& Lana Siberie

Anna wears: Onimos vintage jacket | Lana Siberie skirt

Recently, I’ve felt a lot like hiding from the daily news. Do you remember the study by Greenpeace which recently estimated that nearly 40% of the garments in our closets are never even worn?

Now there are new numbers stating that the textile industry accounts for more than 8% of the global climate impact (this is more than maritime shipping trips and international airline flights combined).

Fashion, here we go again, leaves an enormous negative impact on our planet.

The most sustainable option dealing with fashion on a daily base? Is, of course, wearing the clothes that we already own, not buying anything new and resist fast changing fashion trends.

And then, also, I’m glad about the ones, that try and change fashion from within – giving old garments a new meaning or even recycling what’s already there. Talkin vintage, make sure to stop by Onimos whenever looking for fancy streetwear. It’s so much more sustainable and cooler than to hit the next fast fashion store. And speaking upcycling I recently stumbled upon Lana Siberie at the Amsterdam based eco fashion store sixandsons. Can’t stop wearing plaid and bomber jackets these days, feeling that they won’t be out of fashion anytime soon, neither.