Outfit of the Week No. 45 – Recolution & mimycri

Outfit of the Week No. 45

& mimycri

Anna wears: Recolution dress (PR Sample) | Filippa K coat (current model) | mimycri hip bag (PR Sample)

– in Zusammenarbeit mit Recolution  –

A few thoughts
on functional clothing

I never thought of myself much as being a functional dresser. But if I come to really think about it in recent years more and more functional garments have made their way into my wardrobe. Maybe it’s a sign of growing up. Or, and that’s the thought I pretty much prefer: It is a sign that (slow) fashion brands have accepted and mastered the challenge of producing long-lasting, timeless and actually pretty useful pieces that don’t compromise on edginess and certain aha-moments.

Let’s see… at first there was FREITAG that caught my eye, then pinqponq, then ThokkThokk. What all these labels have in common is, that they produce within the category functional wear rather than clothing per se. But also when it comes to basic garments, I’ve recently, too, developed a better eye on what’s helpful and actually very much needed in sense of wardrobe staples. Alongside Esther I recently tried to find the perfect eco fair underwear, tested basic labels here and there and, this fall, finally also tried an eco fashion label that is based in Hamburg and probably well known amongst most street wear lovers: Recolution. Esther and I both tried a few pieces, that are now mixed quite naturally into our wardrobes.

… and social responsibility!

Why I finally decided on the blue dress? Made from a 100% tencel, I can warmly recommend the dress to everyone who’s into garment-love-at-first-touch. Which leads to another point I want to make, definately surpassing in importance the dwelling on aesthetics: Lot’s of functional wear on the market is less sustainable than one would think (regarding the fact that it is often produced for being outdoors) for reasons like the hazardous PFCs greenpeace was able to detect in products from many outdoor brands. The brands mentioned here have meanwhile taken on the task of producing high quality basics, outerwear and backpacks that don’t compromise the environment by using natural fibers like tencel or re- and upcycled materials.

And then, there is of course the labels, that take social responsibility even a step further. By creating work opportunities, for example. We felt like this would be a good moment to hint to a label, we just recently got to know. The Berlin based non-profit label mimycri is producing these upcycled hip bags, while creating jobs for (and bringing together) refugees and locals from Berlin. More on this issue, soon. For now, we’re off, outside, catching the last days of autumn sun.