Outfit of the Week No. 32 – Black Velvet Circus

Outfit of the Week No. 29

– Black Velvet Circus

Anna wears:
Black Velvet Circus skirt | blouson
borrowed via Fairnica/#einekapselgutes | Vintage linen shirt | vintage boots | Collection No. 2 vintage earring | Knobbly 
Studio x Laurie Franck earring

Spring, it seems like here we go… so right on time here’s a tribute to the upcoming warmer days, wearing light jackets only, while stepping out of the dark and trying to fight the February paleness on our faces.

Long outfit-story short: Here’s to favourite power dressing pieces (in the shape of zipper equipped linen skirts) by our also favorite Hamburg based label Black Velvet Circus. Mixed with, as pretty much always, a few vintage favorites and things borrowed (the jacket is borrowed by fairnica, do you remember that we told you about the “fair fashion” rental start up?)