Outfit of the Week No. 58 – KOKOworld

Outfit of the Week No. 58

– KOKOworld

Anna wears:
KOKOworld dress (PR Sample) | Collection No. 2 vintage hat | pinqponq backpack (PR Sample)

Hello beautiful spring. And “screw it, I’m going to work”. ⁠⠀
… which means as much as crossing a few streets these days to work at my current and very spontaneously build quarantine studio. And I really am so thankful for being able to step outside and have a routine from time to time.
My current daily equipment next to laptop and camera? The almost too perfect home office dress from KOKOworld (do you remember our article on the polish fair fashion label at the beginning of this year?), a vintage hat from my favorite Online Vintage Shop Collection No.2 to hide the many weird hair days I am having and another office companion, the pinqponq backpack names “TAK”.

What does your uniform look like these days?⁠⠀