Outfit of the Week No. 2 – Bridge and Tunnel

No. 2

x vintage denim

Esther wears: Bridge&Tunnel sweater | Bridge&Tunnel clutch | vintage high waist jeans and sneaker

The other day, when we sat together to plan our new online mag we decided to give you a little more insight into all our daily slow fashion fun. How? Well, for starters by actually showing some snapshots of our daily outfit ensembles more often… under the not-so-shiny but true-to-actual-content title Outfit of the Week! You may have spotted Anna trying a first take already?

Let’s take you along into the depth of our current workspace this week, where we have not only been planning our launch party, but also have been working for the Hamburg based upcycling label Bridge&Tunnel the past month. If you’re interested in what our Bridge&Tunnel social media takeover last month looked like: here’s a sneak peek on Instagram. Besides that: you may have figured already, that we fell madly in love with denim again while working hard from 7 to 11? Speaking sustainable fashion, upcycled denim is always a good answer. As is vintage – especially when it comes along in the shape of these high waist jeans…

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