Outfit of the Week No. 1 – die konsumentin

No. 1

Kleiderei pants
x die konsumentin shirt

Anna is wearing: »die konsumentin« shirt (available offline at B-LAGE, avaliable online soon!) | Kleiderei pants | vintage bag & shoes


May we present to you a nearly-whole-new category? To give you a little insight in all the daily slow fashion fun from behind our “konsumentinnen” scenes we finally swallowed our being-photographer-at-heart-pride… and decided to actually show some cell-phone pictures of our daily outfit ensembles more often. (In addition to the editorials we will be keeping on shooting for the Fair Fashion section, of course!)

From now on, once in a while – every week, to be specific – you will find a few inspirations from our actual wardrobes under the not-so-shiny but true-to-actual-content title Outfit of the Week! Let’s start with a busy day at our favorite local concept store B-LAGE Hamburg, where we were launching our very own T-Shirt just two days after our official launch party! Quite tired, but ueber-happy about the red-lettered slogan and these nifty green pants I found at Kleiderei, our Hamburg based clothing library, the other day… Never gonna give them back, for sure!


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