Consumers, unite! Launching ›die konsumentin‹ – with Kleiderei & VinoKilo!

Ready to launch
– wearing Jan n June, Suite 13 and Nine to Five

Oh dear it is getting serious! When half a year ago we decided that we’d be in need of a new name and a new concept regarding our little online magazine – and a fabulous party to accompany the former! – we didn’t think it all would happen so fast. So, out of the blue, a few nights ago we were celebrating the launch of our new online mag, including, to summarize it briefly, lot’s of dancing and (conscious) consumerism!

Consumerism? Yes! But let’s talk moments, rather than things. Because if we take an honest look at ourselves, we all are consumers, if we want it or not. To consume is what we do, humans that we are and also the night owls most of us do still identify with. This is why we invited everyone to collectively share this special moment with us and consume as many drinks as we felt like, on a thursday night. A call that was, of course, directed towards the scene we have grown to feel most comfortable within: the green and sustainbale pioneers which for taking on a task that life-encompassing, sometimes forget to let go and celebrate life. Let’s together make a point that letting go doesn’t mean giving up your principles: there are ways to consume that don’t necessarily require objects or materials. Like a party, you may ask? It may sounds all too simple, but yes – like a party!

What was actually happening during that night in question? Well, for starters, you could watch us and the Kleiderei girls auctioning vintage clothes (sponsored by our favorite Vintage start up VINOKILO, which you may have been spotting in our magazine already), wearing girl-power jumpsuits by two of our favorite ethical fashion labels Jan n June and Suite 13 combined, amongst other pretty things, with these amazing soon-to-be-available heels from our Hamburg based eco label NINE TO FIVE

Esther wears: Jan n’ June jumpsuit | NINE TO FIVE heels
Anna wears: Suite 13 jumpsuit | vintage BOSS heels

… from a night of celebrations at ISLAND Hamburg

Endless love to you all for the wonderful night... To begin with, here’s to ISLAND, the wonderful location hosting us during a thursday night in Hamburg. Endless love to Kleiderei and VINOKILO for being such wonderful co-hosts and supporters. Many many thanks to Gretchen Fotografie for being such a wonderful entertainer with her photobox. To Propercorn, Wildcorn and Mission More and a few favourite “Herzensmenschen” for supplying us with party snacks. And to Belladonna Naturkosmetik, Weleda, and Pukka Herbs for filling our little brown shopping bags in the prettiest manner possible… And then of course, a heartfelt thanks to all the people who faced the stormy autumn night to come and celebrate the evening with us.

By the way: Did you know that it’s been almost 21 years of ›consuming time‹ together for us two? Almost surreal but real it’s indeed been 21 years of friendship, creativity, photography and fashion side by side for us. To be fair, we may didn’t start out as fashionable in elementary school, but costumes and masquerades are accompanying us ever since. And every time we are dressing up together and going to events like this tonight, it feels a little like nothing has changed. We may have grown a little taller, have been collecting a few wrinkles on the way and do enjoy this thing called booze a little more. Cheers to that – and to keep on advocating Slow and Fair Fashion together with this pretty bunch of people during the following years!

  • #consumersoftheworldunite Gretchens Fotobox

Photobox Pictures: Gretchen Fotografie

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