Outfit of the Week No. 17: Jan n June x 3

Outfit of the Week No. 17

– Jan n June x 3

Esther wears: Jan n June Shirt | Kings of Indigo denim | Maas Natur coat


Summer has finally brought some rain along… and we actually enjoy wearing a few garments we had skipped on this unusual warm spring.

So here’s to a belated hello from Munich where we spend the other gloomy day strolling through the city, looking for Fair Fashion places to be, meeting wonderful people and trying to cope with the unexpectedly cold weather (and our hungover heads) with sipping lots of coffee and maybe even a few Radler.

Can you imagine how much fun we always have during travel days, reinventing the few clothes we take along into ever-new combinations? Well, so here it is: Jan n June Outfit Part three – yes, you have seen two other outfits so far! – this time sporting the beautiful blouse which is part of a twopiece included in the current Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

Below you can see how Esther wore the ensemble in yet two other outfit-combinations. Cheers to capsule wardrobes and oh-so-easily-combinable garments!

How we wore it the other two ways?


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