A guide to: Eco-fair active wear and yoga wear

A guide to:
eco-fair active wear

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shortcuts – Do you remember our recent questionnaire about which type of eco-fashion garments you are looking out for at the moment and how we may help by providing answers? Turns out a few were on the same quest as I was: Finding the perfect sports bra – or generally looking for consciously produced eco-fair active wear that’s somewhat good to your skin and your environmentally caring soul.⁠ ⁠Because, a point we already made in our Guide to eco-fair underwearUnderwear should be the number first gadget when it comes to replace a conventional wardrobe with eco conscious clothing – as the chemicals commonly used in the process of fibre making and textile dyeing are something one does not really want having immediate skin contact with.

We’ve since then been working on refashioning our label guide a little, looking back at which labels we had been testing testing garments from that have stayed ever since. Because, at the end of the day, especially sports wear has to convince through aesthetics and quality and cosiness. Do you recognize some of them?⁠

Erinnert ihr euch an unsere kürzlich durchgeführte Umfrage dazu, nach welchen Kleidungsstücken im öko-fairen Bereich ihr zur Zeit Ausschau haltet – und wie wir euch als fast-schon-Veteraninnen auf dem Gebiet evtl. weiterhelfen können? Es stellte sich heraus, dass einige auf der gleichen Suche waren wie ich: Dem perfekten Sport-BH – bzw. genereller nach bewusst produzierter Yoga- und Sportkleidung, die unter Berücksichtigung der Umwelt und der Haut ihrer Träger*innen produziert wird. Denn – ein Punkt, den wir bereits in unserem Guide zu öko-fairer Unterwäsche angesprochen haben: Unterwäsche und Kleidung mit direktem, intensiven Hautkontakt  sollte das Erste sein, wenn es darum geht, den eigenen Kleiderschrank ökologisch bewusster zu gestalten. Grund sind u.a. die diversen Chemikalien, die bei der konventionellen Faserherstellung und der Textilfärbung oft verwendet werden.

Nun denn, wir haben erst einmal zurückgeblickt: auf die sportlicheren Labels, von denen wir in der Vergangenheit Sportkleidung getestet haben, die uns immer noch begleitet. Aber auch ein paar Neuheiten, die uns wegen der technischen Entwicklung überzeugten: Denn am Ende des Tages muss vor allem Sportbekleidung nicht nur durch Ästhetik, sondern auch durch Qualität und Gemütlichkeit überzeugen. Erkennt ihr einige von ihnen wieder? ⁠

Fair Fashion Label Guide - Eco Yoga WearFair Fashion Label Guide - Eco Yoga Wear
Fair Fashion Label Guide - Eco Yoga Wear
Fair Fashion Label Guide - Eco Yoga Wear

Wearing the BESONNEN ›Shape my World‹ Bustier, ›Fit for Future Leggins‹ and ›Four Reasons‹ Shirt


A capsule collection for active and yoga wear

When the Berlin based yoga wear label BESONNEN invited me to their studio to introduce the perfect little capsule collection that they have recently been workin on I couldn’t say no to introducing a new label to you. Here’s to the wonderful maker – and Future Fashion Forward e.V. founder – Annette Borg, her team and their label, mainly aimed at yoga practitioners that care for perfectly thought-through design and circularity regarding materials.

Why we highly recommend trying the brand? In co-creation with Yoga expert Jana they didn’t only develop a holistic approach on which clothes to combine during a long day of yoga lessons – but also the perfect sports bra made from ECONYL® (the famous recycled ocean plastic), lined with TENCEL™ (a fibre based on cellulose). The latter is a soft mesh fabric on the inside, that gives an unbelievably smooth and airy feeling (something I always had missed wearing bras made from polyester only.)

Fair Fashion Label Guide - Eco Yoga Wear
Fair Fashion Label Guide - Eco Yoga Wear

The Yoga Onesie by YOIQI


The perfect onesies for slow activities

Looking back at our career in semi-proffessional sports wear shootings (do you realize that we tend to be in a constant state of Shavasana whenever talking about active wear?) I stumbled upon the pictures we took with the back-then-brandnew Freiburg based Yoga wear label YOIQI. As we’ve seen young eco-fair fashion labels come and go I was happy to find out, that the three founders’ idea of yoga wear that is above all comfortable, focusing on onesies to keep your belly free from anything uncomfortable, seems to work well with consumers.

Why we highly recommend trying the brand? I am still spending days inbetween my desk and my yoga mat wearing nothing else than the Yoga jumpsuit ›Cross‹. Made from soft organic cotton in cooperation with an initiative in Egypt, it’s best for cosy days and slow activities.

Fair Fashion Label Guide - Eco Swim WearFair Fashion Label Guide - Eco Swim Wear


Swimwear designed for high performance

Integrating swimwear in a guide to eco-fair active wear seemed a little off at first – but then I remembered the founding story behind Mymarini about founder Mareen Burk looking desperately for eco-fair swim wear compatible with high performance sports. The Hamburg based founder is a dedicated surfer and quickly realized that especially in terms of ethical production she was missing out on swimwear that was produced to last throughout many days of sun, sea salt and bodies in movement. And naturally Mareen, too, started production using ECONYL®, the regenerated nylon yarn made from abandoned fishing nets.

Why we highly recommend trying the brand? If actively doing water sports or just sitting by the pool side: The pieces we wore have proven to last. And the two layers of fabric (that make nearly every garment reversible in color) add up to a comfortable feeling of not being naked at any moment.