Outfit of the Week No. 25 – Closed

Outfit of the Week No. 25

– Closed

Anna wears:

CLOSED jeans (find a selection via Fashion ID) | ACNE Pullover (find a similar one from ARMEDANGELS) | ThokkThokk coat 

In Zusammenarbeit mit Fashion ID

It’s time to say »Hello« to the  cold and windy version of my hometown Hamburg – meaning also: »hello Winter-Wardrobe«.

A recent wardrobe addition when it comes to Hamburg-appropriate understatement with a little fun? This fairly produced ensemble combining an ACNE sweater (member of the Fair Wear Foundation) and a just recently discovered love for CLOSED jeans. The label, I just recently came to know, produces the majority of its collection in a family business in Italy. It is PETA approved and the jeans are produced using an environmentally friendly process, the »ozone« wash cycle which ensures low water consumption because ozone, a natural gas, is used instead of water. (Read more about the brand’s fairness factor at Fair a Porter and find a selection of our favorite denim models via Fashion ID).

Once in a while I find myself stumbling over the fact that I, too often, tend to forget to look behind the stories of brands, that don’t make the communication of their sustainable engagement a number one priority. Whenever I find myself discovering fair and green ambitions somewhere I didn’t expect them I’m actually glad about the fact that others get the opportunity, too. The links to ArmedAngels and Closed you’ll find i  this post, for example link to Fashion ID, one of the bigger and more conventional online stores based in Germany we chose to work with affiliate related, as we support the idea of ethical fashion related ideas reaching people outside of the green bubble, too. 

See this as an aesthetic note-to-self: Let’s ask #whomademyclothes a lot more often, and get out of the green comfort zone once in a while, shall we?