Outfit of the Week No. 31 – Elementy & Vintage Revivals

Outfit of the Week No. 31

– Elementy & Vintage Revivals

Anna wears:
Elementy coat | dear courage earrings | vintage blouse and trousers via Vintage Revivals | vintage bag & shoes

Conscious Collective ahoi! Here’s to Berlin Fashion Week Day II where we – once again – met so many inspiring people taking on the mission to make fashion greener, fairer, more transparent and aesthetically pleasing along that way.

A few words today following @dariadaria who, with her always woken eyes pointed out, at the beginning of this week, I quote:

»Primark, the face of fast and disposable fashion, has launched a wide social media campaign promoting their new denim line. Primark is breeding a throwaway culture that many people follow, with their bargains being cheap but at the expense of textile workers and our home planet. (…) Let’s express and vocalize our disapproval, let’s set a statement.«

The discussion following her post aimed mostly towards affordability of Fair Fashion. Some personal thoughts on this? I think it is brands like Primark who have fashioned consumerism and throw-away culture in the first place, making us believe we are in need of »things new« all too often, being suddenly faced with the problem of how to actually afford this lifestyle. A personal answer on affordability thrown together in this Outfit? Invest in high quality pieces that last for many seasons (talking this Elementy coat) and match them with highly affordable and oh-so sustainable vintage garments (wearing vintage pieces Vintage Revivals along).

Are you in to join articulate your concerns about fast fashion? Then follow us along here.