Berlin Fashion Week: Ethical Fashion AW18/19

Berlin Fashion Week - Greenshowroom & Ethical Fashion Show

Berlin Fashion Week
– Ethical Fashion AW18/19

shortcuts – Kleiderkinder, könnt ihr’s glauben, dass der ganze Berlin Fashion Week Trubel schon wieder vorbei ist? Uns erscheint’s gerade etwas surreal, wahrscheinlich vor allem deshalb, da wir diesmal ganz wenig gesehen und erkundet haben, und uns vor allem auf die Fashion Changers #prePeek Veranstaltung im Greenshowroom /auf der Ethical Fashion Show konzentriert haben. Wer dort war hat uns vielleicht erspäht, wie wir fleissig Presse und Konsumentinnen in puncto Fair Fashion und Stil beraten haben – inklusive unseres Fair Fashion Label Tests. Anbei findet ihr noch einmal alle unsere Fundstücke und natürlich die Stilberatung für den kommenden Winter AW18/19 – findet ihr euch irgendwo wieder?

P.S.: Wir konnten es uns natürlich nicht nehmen lassen, und ein paar der Spring/Summer 18 und Winter 18/19 Kollektionen an- und auszuprobieren. Voilà: Also auch ein kleiner Einblick in “What’s to come this year”!

May we present today? The finest selection of the Ethical Fashion AW 18/19 collections (and actually a few pieces from Spring/Summer 18) to hit the stores this year!

As you might noticed last week we have been busy at Berlin Fashion Week, working at the Fashion Changers #prePeek event at Greenshowroom and Ethical Fashion Show Berlin. What we were doing there exactly? Well, for starters we picked a little selection of our eco-fair fashion favorites, shot a story, and then gave some serious style advice including which fair fashion labels to hang onto to the Berlin press and a beautiful bunch of conscious consumers. Below, you can find our selection for different consumers – and if you feel like it: take the personalized Fair Fashion Label Test once again!

And yes, P.S.: Of course we couldn’t resist to try on some more clothes during our days with the Fashion Changers team. Voilà, here’s what’s to hit the eco fashion stores this year!

The Perfectionists

Anna wears: Soome Blouse | lana organic skirt | Ackermann bag
Esther wears: lana organic dress and coat

You like to dress in perfection: classy and timeless. Your wardrobe contains well chosen high quality pieces, which allow you to create outfits which make an elegant but still down-to-earth appearance – no matter what time of the day it is or which kind of event you are attending. To be honest: you are not so-very interested in fast fashion trends – they come and go. For you, Fashion is not changing seasonally. Fashion is the statement you make by wearing clothes that are not only perfect in fit, but can also become life-long companions.

These are the Labels you should know: Maria Seifert, Jan ‘n June, Lanius, Lana Organic

The Treasure Hunter

Esther wears: NIX twin piece | MC Moncinta Kimono | Nemanti Milano heels
Anna wears: Fremdformat earrings | Jan n June Kimono

Admit it: You love to dress up and create yourself a daily identity based on individually put together outfits. You are easily getting exited when there are new trends on the rise – but, of course, you always have your own way to interpret them. For you, Fashion is an interesting challenge. You keep chasing down the best pieces in the ever growing forest of trends and it is your personal mission to find and combine them in the most exciting way.

These are the Labels you should know: Jan ‘n June, Mila Vert, Frieda Sand, Jungle Folk

The Street Styler

Anna wears: Myrka Studios dress | Maria Seifert shirt | Vaude bagEsther wears: Fashion Changers x Myrka Studios shirt | Elemente Clemente coat | Kings of Indigo jeans

You like dressing up the urban way: young, down-to-earth and cool. The clothes you wear are stylish, yet functional and – most importantly – underline your personality by being deliberately chosen for their special little urban twist. You already know by heart which colours, fabrics and styles you feel comfortable in, because you wear them almost every day. Your wardrobe contains stylish, well-chosen basics. When you are shopping for clothes you are buying pieces that you know have and will love happily ever after.

These are the Labels you should know: Mila Vert, LangerChen, Fremdformat, Maria Seifert, Studio Jux

Curious to take the Test yourself? Find it here!


Esther wears: Mila Vert dress | Fremdformat earrings


Anna wears: Jungle Folk jacket & jumpsuit


Anna wears: Maria Seifert twinset | lana organic coat

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