Berlin Fashion Week: Ethical Fashion Spring/Summer 19

Berlin Fashion Week
– Ethical Fashion Spring/Summer 2019

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shortcuts – Und wieder einmal ist’s Zeit für einen Rückblick gen Berliner Mode Woche. Die da lief unter dem Motto: “Adieu classy, hallo ziemlich farbiger Modespaß!” Erinnert ihr euch an unsere letzte #PrePeek-Auswahl von der Berlin Fashion Week im Januar? Damals haben wir uns bemüht, die kommenden AW 18/19 eco- und fair fashion Kollektionen so chic wie möglich aussehen zu lassen (auch wenn wir dabei über verschiedene Kleidertypen quatschten). Diesmal jedoch sind uns irgendwie die Sommerhitze, die Eiscreme am Eingang der Neonyt Berlin (der neue Name der Ethical Fashion Show und des Green Showroom Berlins) und vielleicht auch die vielen Gläser Prossecco, die wir in den vergangenen Nächten mit wunderbar nachdenklichen und engagierten Menschen schlürften zu Kopf gestiegen – und wir haben das Wort “Modespaß” auf eine uns ganz ungewohnte Spitze getrieben. Voilá, dürfen wir unsere Fair Fashion Spring Summer 2019 Auswahl vom PrePeek Event mit den Fashion Changers präsentieren? 

Looking back at Berlin Fashion Week: Adieu “classy” – hello colorful fashion fun! Do you remember our last #PrePeek selection from Berlin Fashion Week in January? Back then we really made an effort to make the upcoming AW 18/19 eco and fair fashion collections look as classy and chique as possible (even if we were talking about different style types.) 
This time, the summer heat and the colorful ice cream stands at the entrance of Neonyt Berlin (the new name of Ethical Fashion Show and Green Showroom Berlin) and maybe also the many glasses of prossecco we had during wonderful nights with thoughtful and politically engaged people got our heads high and our minds breezy – and we took the word “fashion fun” to a whole new level. May we present our Fair Fashion Spring Summer 2019 selection from this seasons Fashion Changers PrePeek event? 

Millenial Pink

[Photo thanks to Lea Wormsbach

Anna wears: lana organic jacket | Mila Vert dress 

Esther wears: lana organic dress | fit buddha kimono

Did someone say pink? Somehow millennial pink and purple made their way into the upcoming spring/summer 2019 collections (did you spot the soft lilac shades at Jan n June, By Signe and Alina Schuerfeld?). And even if we feel like “millennial” is a concept we are still pretty ashamed of… the combination á la drop down waist, dungaree dress and oversized denim jackets and kimonos kind of made us fall for soft shades of pink and rosé again.

P.S.: Note Anna’s private pair of shoes. I think we’re onto something here.

Last seasons favorite foto accessoire

[Photo thanks to Lea Wormsbach

Anna wears: Jan n June dress | Tauko design hat

Esther wears: Rhumaa blouse | lana organic trousers | Marita Moreno shoes

Do you remember last seasons favorite instagram accessoire? Citrus fruits of any kind, and yes, preferably lemons. Well well well, we think the citrus hype somehow got our favorite designers to start playing with all sorts of yellows. And here we are: wearing an ueber-fun lemon printed dress by Jan n June and that beautiful yellow blouse from Cape Town based eco fashion label Rhumaa. Can you tell that – at least by now – we can’t wait for Summer 2019 to come?

P.S.: You can never go wrong with a rain hat, if  talking “summer in Hamburg”. And: Isn’t this the most beautiful fisher/rain hat one can possibly find? 

Thanks to the ueber-fun and inpiring Trio from Fashion Changers, who always pick the sweetest pieces of the collections to come and make even the biggest fair- and eco fashion critics fall in love. Follow them here on Facebook and here on Instagram, to see what the girls are up to!

P.P.S. We actually had little time this year to visit labels and spot interesting things to come, regarding Fair and Eco Fashion. If you’ve been to Neonyt, Seek, Premium and other places: What have you been spotting during this seasons Fashion Week?