Behind the Zine No. 6

Behind the Zine No. 6
– Berlin Fashion Week

Kleiderkinder und KonsumentInnen. Behind the Scenes nehmen wir euch hier ab und an mit, hinein in das Potpourri an Schnappschüssen und Erinnerungen abseits der geplanten Magazin Artikel. Der Natur unseres Anliegens verschuldet darf dabei natürlich auch die Berliner Fashion Week nicht fehlen. Hinter die Kulissen des Modetrubels haben wir allerdings das letzte Mal vor zwei Sommern geblickt! Zu viel Lücke – befanden wir – und haben uns diesmal wieder etwas mehr Mühe gegeben, Eindrücke von einer Woche Berlin mit Modeaktivist*innen, Macher*innen und neuen Kollektionen zum Diskutieren und Schwelgen festzuhalten. Voilà. Wie unser Januar bei »die konsumentin« aussah?

Friends, lovers and consumers. Now and then we take you Behind the Scenes of our little online mag, into the potpourri of snapshots and memories we collect along while writing articles. This now and then includes, how could it otherwise be, the many impressions from Berlin Fashion Week, too. (And as it has been two summers that we’ve been collecting our Fashion Week memories, we decided to put a little more effort into putting impressions into an order again, this season.) Here’s to a week in Berlin with fashion activists, makers and new collections and more or less what our January looked like at “die konsumentin”.

Behind the Zine
– A week at Flughafen Tempelhof

Hello, Berlin Tempelhof. Did you spot the new location of the green/ethical fashion fair Neonyt in our or other’s instagram stories yet? It’s Flughafen Berlin Tempelhof, the old airport in the center of Berlin, and we admit that we fell in love with the new space immediately.

By the way: Anna is wearing lana organic and Esther is dressed in Rhumaa as we discovered the prints (both from this fall season 2019/20) to be such a good match.

Behind the Zine
– People and Panels

It probably was the most intense season we had so far in terms of meeting people and reunions. Discussion-wise we would have loved to attend a lot more panels, fashion wise we would have loved to stop by to speak to so many more labels than we could manage. Let’s see, who we encountered anyway:

1&2) The week started slowly: Gathering for Brunch with the Fashion Changers, LANIUS and WELEDA – and wonderful Vreni Jäckle. Thank you for the invitation, dearest! 
3) Snapshot from our Paneltalk at NEONYT. »Influence for Impact«, talking to Justine Leconte, Noah Ben Moshe and Partick Duffy. 
4) Another wonderful moment: The spontaneous meet-up with Kleiderei Köln, to make a record for their new Radio Show, starting in February – stay tuned! 
5) A snapshot that sums up NEONYT best: Gathering at NEONYTs #prepeek shooting corner, meeting wonderful Fashion Changers like Esther Roling who is currently advocating fair and greener standards in the movie industry. 

Behind the Zine
– Fair Fashion at Neonyt

Our main impressions from Neonyt speaking Fair Fashion Labels? This year seemed to be all about prints, and diving deeper into art- and textile history. Here we’ve already talked about, how we immediately fell in love with the birch-green inspired color palette and the landscape-paintings, outpoured over all kinds of garments, which we discovered at Amsterdam-based ethical fashion label Rhumaa.

More bold prints and colors could be discovered at SKFK (1), Jan n June (2-4), Papu (5) and Mahla Clothing (6). And note, that the still difficult search for sustainable shoes will be coming to an end! (7: Sneaker from Jutelaune, 8-9: Boots and sneaker from LANIUS). Also we spent a beautiful evening with the founder of nuuwai, who is the infamous maker of our most favorite hip bags made from apple leather (10-11).

The feeling we have been leaving this season’s gathering with: is that ethical fashion is »fashionable enough« these days to stop talking about aesthetics and focusing on more complicated problems of the industry now.⁠ It is good, to see the ethical fashion movement is still growing. In terms of looks and textile innovations, we find and learn something new every season. Meanwhile, we need to get louder, regarding green washing (not talking about the little change makers here at all) and have a close eye on what it means when big players are hopping on the »sustainability« train, as it happened at the Runway Show and also at the Showroom.

If you’ve been around:
what were your impressions of this season?