Behind the Zine No. 5: Life Updates

Behind the Zine No. 5
– Goodbye 18, Hello 2019

Kleiderkinder und KonsumentInnen. Hinter den Kulissen nehmen wir euch hier immer wieder mit, wenn es um alltägliche Outfits abseits von größeren Kleidergeschichten und Label-Vorstellungen geht, ab und an um Badezimmergeschichten oder das nachhaltige Leben, oder eben all das andere Sammelsurium, was uns täglich so begegnet. Nun haben wir eben nachgeschaut und uns fast ein wenig erschrocken: unser letztes richtiges Behind the Zine Potpourri mit Updates au dem Konsumentinnen-Leben stand nämlich zur Fashion Week im Sommer 2018 an. Knapp über ein Jahr ist das her, verrückt, wie es sich gar nicht danach anfühlt!

Was inzwischen passiert ist? Ziemlich viel und Großes: Wir haben Wien und vor allem auch unsere ursprüngliche Basis Hamburg verlassen (nicht für immer, bestimmt nicht!), die Stadt vor dem endgültigen Weggehen noch in vollen Zügen genossen – unter anderem mit Labelbesuchen. Und neue Leben in Amsterdam und Berlin gestartet. Wie das in Bildern aussah?

Friends, lovers and consumers. Every now and then we take you along with us Behind the Scenes dwelling in  daily outfits, talking bathroom stories, sustainable living, and share with you all the other things and encounters we’re surrounded with and that inspire us on a daily basis. Now, astonishingly, our last real Behind the Zine post with updates on our lifes behind the »Die Konsumentin« stories was scheduled for Fashion Week in summer 2018. That was just over a year ago – crazy how fast time flew by while it didn’t feel like passing at all!

What has happened in the meantime? Quite a lot and quite big things: We left Vienna and our feels-like-it’s-been-a-forever-base Hamburg (not leaving for forever, definitely not!), enjoyed the city to the fullest before we finally left – amongst other things with label visits. And we started new lives in Amsterdam and Berlin. What this all linked like in pictures?

Behind the Zine:

Good bye, Hamburg! Hello, Berlin!

Picture 1) Goodbye, hometown: This is probably the last picture taken in Annas old room in Hamburg, where Femtastics visited us to talk about Slow Fashion, where we shot lots of stories for »die konsumentin« and where we spent many days á deux whenever Esther was visiting from Vienna. | Picture 2) New grounds: Anna moved to Berlin because of a new publishing job | & Picture 3) Our first Konsumentinnen– get–together in Anna’s new hometown Berlin, when it was Fashion Week and the Fashion Changers invited us to celebrate the green and conscious fashion scene together. We will share a few more Fashion Week stories as soon as possible, we promise!

Behind the Zine:

Hello Amsterdam, hello House Boat Life!

Picture 1–3) Esther has even bigger news: A job related to sustainable fashion and detoxing textile production  took her from Vienna to Amsterdam – and after a first few months of conventional shared-flat-life in the Amsterdam suburbs, she now moved on to shared-boat-life right around the corner of Amsterdam’s centre. Here’s to enjoying the morning sun on deck, a lot of bicycling around the city and to Anna visiting as often as she can, because living on a house boat feels like holidays even while working on projects together… Did we mention that Amsterdam seems to be the capital of eco-conscious and fair fashion, by the way?

Behind the Label:


Amongst life changing decisions, we stumbled upon a few new and already known Label stories these past months, that convinced us anew of how much impact small thoughts can have. As these encounters were rather spontaneous around Hamburg and we didn’t find the time to write down their stories for you, here’s what our cell phone cameras caught and our minds memorized these days:

Picture 1)–3) May we first introduce you to the soft workwear uniform? Hannah Krominga, founder behind the new label SILFIR, created this minimal two-piece suit for women of our generation of forward-thinking consumers that are constantly looking for a smaller wardrobe – adopting to personal style, but always with sustainabilty and circularity in mind. And yes, circularity in fashion is possible: Silfir extends their garment’s life cycles by offering repairs and redying, Through its thoughtfully constructed manufacturing and maintenance process Silfir reduces the water, CO2 and waste impact of each garment significantly. Additionally, the life of each garment is extended by a return system in which customers send the suit back to Silfir, where the fabric can be recylced and reused. It’s sustainability made simple and all of us Hamburg people fell in love with Hannah and her ideas that summer day, when we met at B-LAGE Hamburg.

Behind the Label:

Bridge & Tunnel

Picture 1) & 2) Another oh-so-inspiring  day we stopped by the social business Bridge and Tunnel studio in Hamburg, getting to know the team around the founders Conny and Lotte a little better, meeting up with the Fashion Changers, and in the end not knowing which one of the many picture we took to share, because we laughed and learned so much. Many Thanks to the founders Conny and Lotte for introducing us to their production site, teaching us how to sew, what it means to select old denim fabric to give it a new meaning, the efforts of cutting and sewing and most of all thank you for bringing textile production back into town and creating work for skilled people. | Picture 3) P.S.: We made our own customized cell phone chains from upcycled fabric that day. Cool, aren’t they?