Behind the Zine No. 4

Behind the Zine No. 4
– Of Berlin Fashion Week and Street Styles at Demonstrations

»shortcuts« – ach Berlin was war es schön. Wie gerne wir doch alle halbe Jahre wieder kommen: zur Fashion Week – und vor allem zu all den tollen und inspirierenden Menschen von denen es hier nur so wimmelt. Auch dieses Jahr haben uns die Fashion Changers wieder in der #PrePeek verwöhnt, Lanius & Weleda uns mit leckersten Drinks beschwipst und – was ja der ursprüngliche Anlass ist zur Modewoche zu fahren – die traumhaften Designer*innen mit der Vorschau auf den nächsten Modesommer beglückt. Der Fair-Fashion-Sommer 2019 wird in gelben Farben schillern, das steht fest.

Unser persönliches Highlight : definitiv der Fair Fashion Move der am letzten Tag der Neonyt Berlin die Fair Fashion Fans aus den Messehallen auf die Straße holte. So tanzten – im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes – am Donnerstag plötzlich allerhand gut gekleidete Menschen durch Berlin um für faire Arbeitsbedingen zu protestieren. 

Oh Berlin, how much we love to come back every twice a year to visit the fashion week and – above all – the great and inspiring people of whom there are so many in the slow fashion world. Once again, the fashion changer spoiled us in the #PrePeek, Lanius & Weleda spiced us up with the most delicious drinks and – which was the initial reason to go to Fashion Week – the amazing designers gave us a dreamlike preview of the next fashion summer – 2019 will shimmer in bright yellow colours, that’s for sure.

Our personal highlight: the Fair Fashion Move! On the last day of Neonyt Berlin the Fair Fashion fans moved out of the exhibition halls onto the street to walk and dance for fair working conditions – and a fashion revolution!

Behind the Zine
– Neonyt Berlin

Feel, Think, Act and colors, colors, colors. The Greenshowroom got a makeover and is now called the Neonyt Berlin. How did we spend our time those three days? Maybe a little less thinking and a little more talking. But thanks to the Fair Fashion Move definitely acting!

(1/2) Taking photos at the PrePeek (have a look here) (3) dressed to disagree in Suite 13 (4) catching some sunny moments in elementy

Behind the Zine
– Fair Fashion Move

The Fair Fashion Move was a blast! 200 people danced through the streets of Berlin to call for fair working conditions in the fashion industry.

This year on the last day of the Neonyt, hessnatur organized a fair fashion demonstration – a so-called move – and we were part of the demo-crowd! Demonstrating in these beautiful summer dresses, lent by Homage – a Berlin based fair fashion store – we felt perfectly prepared to show Berlin how fashion has to be: fair, fair & fair!

So on Thursday all kinds of well – but fair – dressed people suddenly danced (in the truest sense of the word, thanks to amazing Demo-DJ Markus from V/V )  through Berlin to protest for fair working conditions. Here you can see some of our favorite Demo-Street-Styles we took during the move:

  • Three beautiful girls from and in Nix design…

  • Two piece from Myrkastudios

  • double the hats: Dzaino in NNAMARIAANGELIKA Dress

  • Lena made the perfect choice of colour that day

  • Kim in Natascha von Hirschhausen

  • Trinkhallen Schickaria-Lena in black velvet circus

  • Wonderful SCHMIDTTAKAHASHI dress

  • Us in Suite 13 with Kluntje-Lena in Kluntje

  • Dramatic duo in Natascha von Hirschhausen

  • Dynamic duo: Mia from heylilahey and Justine from Justine kept calm and vent vegan

Our favourite Fair Fashion Move Street Styles

Behind the Zine
– Ethical Fashion label

What we came for…

With all the amazing events going on, you might almost forget why you came to Berlin: fashion! But we actually managed to take a little peek into the summer wardrobe of  2019 for you…

Our favorites? This time we really fell in love with all those complementary yellow and blue color prints and contrasts. (1) Rhumaa did it again: catching our hearts with jet another great printed jumpsuit, as did  (2) Alina Schührfeld with pierced shoes you just want to mix and match. (3) Bright and bold colors we also found in swimsuits from and (4) and the yellow two-piece from JungleFolk. Then there was, of course, jan’n junes ‘it’ piece of the PrePeek (Anna were it here) and the dreamy soft gradient sun-shiny prints of velvet nowel.

Sunsets of 2019 we can’t wait to dress alike!