Behind the Zine No. 3

Behind the Zine No. 3
– Between Berlin, Vienna and Munich

»shortcuts« – Huch, das ist schon eine Weile her mit dem letzten Behind the Zine… Kalt war’s da und Fashion Week so ziemlich alles, was wir Magazin technisch so schafften. Und dann? meldeten wir uns ganz ab da Esther nach Wien zog, Anna in Berlin arbeitete und nebenher das Studium in Hamburg jonglierte und wir beide ganz schön viel Zeit im Zug verbrachten. Das sieht zwar immer noch so aus – inzwischen schaffen wir das jedoch immer öfter gemeinsam. Voilá, her deshalb einen weiteren kleinen Einblick Behind the Scenes zwischen Berlin, Wien und München!

Hey you, it’s been a while! Our last peek Behind the Zine was during Berlin Fashion Week, when it was cold outside and Esther hadn’t moved to Vienna yet. Now: Why we’ve been so silent? Because of a new hometown in Austria, because of a job in Berlin and a Master Thesis to be written, and Anna train-hopping in-between Hamburg, Berlin and now even Vienna – and then we even made it to Munich á deux. So here we go, with yet another little sneak Behind the Scenes during the recent Berlin Press Days, Vintage hopping in Vienna and Green Carpeting in Munich.

Behind the Zine
– Press Days and Store Openings in Berlin

1) Hanging around with dearest Anni from FashionFika at Berlin Press Days
2) Toino Abel bag, Collection No.2 slipper and Miista shoes
3) During the Store Opening of PEOPLE BERLIN x DR. BRONNER’S

Berlin is the place to be when the Press Days are on – and since more and more green agencies have been joining a few seasons ago, it’s now a beautiful adventure through the fair fashion collections to come. We will tell you more about our Press Days treasures here, soon. But even more important? The places that popped up and came to that stay! We recently re-published our Slow Fashion Tour through Berlin here. As we hoped back then, the scene is ever-growing and a new store recently opened to be immediately added to our Slow Fashion list of places to stop by: people berlin, one of Annas most favorite labels, just opened a store at Hackesche Höfe. More on that soon, too.

Find them here:
Hackesche Höfe/Hof 7
Rosenthaler Straße 40–41, Berlin

Behind the Zine
– Hello, Vienna!

1) First mitten in Vienna? Asking #whomademyclothes during Fashion Revolution Week!
2&3) Vintage hopping through Vienna
4&5) Beautiful Vienna during a night at the Konzerthaus…

Hello, beautiful Vienna! We finally spent some time together in Esther’s new hometown, working on Zine-related things (did you see us taking you along to Vienna’s Donau Island in our latest Editorial), dwelling in the city streets hunting for Vintage treasures (because that’s what we still love most when it comes to discovering cities and filling up travel wardrobes) and then, of course, enjoying the time together as much as we could. By seeing Nils Frahm at Konzerthaus Wien for example. Oh what a beautiful night. If you are from around Vienna or plan on traveling there – would you be interested in a little Slow- and Fair Fashion Guide?

Behind the Zine
– Green Carpeting in Munich

1) Behind the scenes at the AYAwards, doing what »influencer« supposedly do and taking selfies
2) Our own little Green Carpet Team at the red (well, we admit we were only allowed the black) carpet. So nice running into you Charlotte Weise!
3-5) Out and about in Munich the next day

Munich. Excuse us, that we missed out on stopping by for so long… but when we got invited to join the About YOU Awards at the Bavaria Filmstudios we regarded this as the perfect excuse to finally stop by and check out the Fair Fashion scene along the way. First let us tell you: it’s beautiful and fluorescent and a lot bigger than we had expected and the duo behind Phasenreich is even sweeter than imagined! We will tell you more in our upcoming little Fair Fashion Guide to Munich.

But to also speak »Green Carpet«… if you have been following our Instagram stories closely, you may spotted us at the About YOU Awards 2018, an evening dedicated to reward some of the harder working, Germany-based so-called influencers of our generation. Beforehand we put a little thought into the whole event, not sure if we would be in right place at all. But then we figured it would be fun step out of our green bubble and start our very personal green carpet challenge and mix the nightly visuals up with some fair fashion. Let us tell you: we have never felt so out of place and were happy to meet at least a few like-minded ones regarding aesthetics and sustainability like wonderful Melanie Jeske, Marie Nasemann from Fairknallt and Charlotte Weise. We don’t want to give the whole event too much of a platform here (fun facts and well-intentioned gossip will be happily discussed fâce á fâce over a drink) but we want to say this much: Thank you for the sweeter comments appreciating our fair fashion green carpet mission, thank you for the critical comments asking if we really want to give the fast fashion retailer behind the Award event any platform at all in our fair fashion cosmos (and yes, actually we sometimes do since they are selling fair fashion brands as well) and, well, thank you for everyone out watching, raising their critical voices about the show itself – be it the quite shallow way the whole influencer/media business was presented, or, worse, be it the body-norm on stage. Our sweetest encounter of the night? Was when a beautiful human being approached us asking, what we were doing in the middle of the circus, because »we clearly dindt look like we’d belong there…« Well well, we return home to Vienna and Hamburg with one experience richer.

Some related fair fashion favorites?

1) Wearing a Paloma Wool blouse
2) New in: Jules and Clem Earrings
3) Almost Evergreens: Miista shoes

In the end, let’s not forget the fun. What kind of aesthtetical objects we’ve found ourselves dwelling over recently? I would call it a quite schizophrenic but everyday-life-compatible mixture of street wear and more avantgardistic (or should we say retrospective?) designs. Including many shades of blue and… of course: red!

Kings Of Indigo Jeans 'Anne' blue denim
Kings Of Indigo Minirock 'Royce' blue denim
Matt & Nat - Sibyl - Spitze Schuhe mit Blockabsatz und V-Schnitt - Rot
Matt & Nat - Gürteltasche „Aki“ in Rot - Damen A4040

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