Behind the Zine No. 1

Behind the Zine No. 1
– one month with ›die konsumentin‹

short cuts – Liebe Kleiderkinder (eigentlich sollten wir unter neuem Namen und neuer Fahne von nun an schreiben: liebe Konsumentinnen?) – ihr könnt’s wahrscheinlich ebenso wenig glauben wir wir, dass wir schon am Ende des zweiten Monats mit frischem Magazin stecken?

»Kaum glauben…« aus sehr unterschiedlichen Gründen natürlich: Ihr mögt’s kaum glauben, weil wir trotz Relaunch verhältnismäßig still waren… der erste Newsletter ist immer noch nicht raus, verzeiht’s uns. Auf den sozialen Kanälen kommen wir kaum hinterher. Und es sind noch immer nicht alle Posts im Archiv gelandet, die wir gerne noch umziehen wollen. Nun ja. Wir können’s kaum glauben, weil über das ganze Organisieren, Selbst-Programmieren und Party-Planen uns die Köpfe so rauchten, dass Anna erst einmal zum anderweitig arbeiten nach Berlin geflohen ist und Esther gar ganz nach Kroatien, wohlverdienter Weise ein wenig der Sonne entgegen. Was wir in den ersten zwei Monaten mit der Konsumentin trotz Pause so erlebt haben? Voilá – im neuen Artikel-Format – die altbekannten Instagram Postkarten.

Dear consumers (for that is what we should call ourselves and our readers from now on, to stay true-to-title and true to the task of empowering conscious consumers to actually raise their voices…?) We still can’t believe that we made it through the past two months and actually relaunched our ever-growing, or rather ever-ongoing little fair fashion project now proudly called die konsumentin.

You probably mainly can’t believe how time has passed either because we are still oh-so-desperately behind with filling the page with new life, digging through the archives of our old Blogazine and saving what we loved most from during the past years of writing about slow fashion, and – excuse the delay! – sending out our first newsletter. More on that soon! Meanwhile, we can’t quite grasp the fact of actually having relaunched because our heads are still spinning from all the work we faced during the past month… but anyways! What we have been up to between recovering from a serious party hangover and even more work? Let us take you along behind the scenes in our good old manner of writing Instagram postcards.

Behind the Zine
– shooting fair fashion

What we were up to regarding taking photos of our favorite fair fashion garments? Well, to be honest, during October we made it up to one shooting only. I’m speaking of the colorful and fun photographs we took of the vintage clothes from VINOKILO at Lüneburg based bar blaenk. Find out what it was all about here.

But then the Pressdays were calling… and we took the little Instagram-camera along to show you some Hamburg based designs at Neue Botschaft Hamburg as well as some favorite pieces from fair fashion and eco fashion labels we visited during Berlin press days at Kern Kommunikation. Have a look what we encountered for Spring 2018! A propos Berlin: after Hamburg we had a little look around in the capital and visited Natascha von Hirschhausen at her studio to shoot some of her designs. Here’s to beautiful Fair Fashion from Berlin!

What the last photo is all about? Well, we have been taking December-eske pictures of course… more up on the Mag, soon!

Behind the Zine
– out and about

What we were up to when not relaunching (we want to spare you with party pictures at this point – if you’re interested in what we were up to have a look here!), working and recovering? You may already guessed that there was little time left for anything being filed under the name »passe-têmps«. We somehow made it to take our #consumersoftheworldunite shirtto our favorite local store B-LAGE, to take care of our new homes in Hamburg and Lüneburg (including flea-market shopping, of course!), stroll through the city streets of Hamburg again and even to organize a few wonderful events with the Hamburg based female collective _innen. And – while Anna was working in Berlin – Esther even took the time that was supposedly not left and took a well-deserved and picture-free break from everything in Croatia…

Behind the Zine
– fair fashion favorites

heels – NINE TO FIVE

Kings Of Indigo SABINA Strickpullover grey melee
Kings Of Indigo GIANNA Wollmantel/klassischer Mantel navy
Kings Of Indigo Jeans 'Kimberley Slit' blue denim

To stay focused on what the Zine is all about we decided to include our monthly fair fashion fancies from now on!

Of course you’ve seen some gof the things we found and wore during fashion shoots and daily outfits (like these wonderful, soon-to-be-launched heels by Nine to Five). But then there are – and this happens pretty much most of the time when you call yourself an amateur fashion editor – all the beautiful things we have seen online-only so far. This months they include the picture-perfect raw hem jeans, sweater and coat by Amsterdam based Label Kings of Indigo, a french-wardrobe-worthy jacket we found at the Avocado Store, along with this way-too-beautiful (and actually vegan!) answer to the question on how to wear mules in winter. Any more questions?

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