A guide to: Online Vintage

A Guide to:
Online Vintage & Second Hand Fashion

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May we take you along into the pleasuring depths of hunting for vintage and second hand pieces online? We admit: one of our all-time favourite passe-têmps is not just finding treasures at the racks of a hip eco and fair fashion boutique; it’s finding treasures in unexpected places, in unexpected shape and color, discovering high quality pieces on a little budget and meanwhile escaping the cycle of the constant need for something new in the most enjoyable manner – finding the ›new‹ in something ›old‹.


Einer unserer Lieblings-Zeitvertreibe, Mode technisch, ist und bleibt die Schatzsuche nach Vintage und Second Hand Stücken in unerwarteter Form und Farbe, das Suchen und Finden von qualitativ hochwertigen Kleidungsstücken für wenig Geld – und das gleichzeitigen Ausbrechen aus dem Kreislauf des ständigen Bedürfnisses nach Neuem auf die angenehmste Art und Weise: das "Neue" in etwas "Altem" zu finden. Dürfen wir euch heute deshalb in die oh-so-schönen Untiefen der Online-Jagd nach Vintage & Second Hand Schätzen entführen? 



This kimono dress you can find in our Boutique at Zadaa!


The most fashionable peer-to-peer second hand platform we've come across yet!

Zadaa wants to encourage people to bring clothes back to the cycle in
order to give them a new home. Their message is: You can buy, but don’t buy new, buy secondhand! - and honestly - as total fashion lovers - we love that!

We have always loved to share and swap our clothes with each other. And now we sorted out our common closet and opened a boutique at Zadaa (Spoiler alert: lots of fair fashion pieces), so you also can find some of our pre-loved treasures!

About the platform: This secondhand platform connects wardrobes in Germany, Denmark and Finland! (maybe all those cool danish brands make this platform so fashionable?)
ZADAA`s vision is to make buying and selling secondhand fashion as easy as possible in order to establish a sustainable and affordable lifestyle. Zadaa offers both, national and international shipping, so you can easily send your sold items with a shipping code provided through the app, to all users, no matter if they are in your country or not.

What we especially appreciate: The Money Back Guarantee! Every transaction on Zadaa, is covered by the money back guarantee up to a value of 10.000€. As a buyer, this means that you will receive your order in the described condition or get your money back. As a seller, it means that you will always be paid as long as you have shipped your sold items in the described condition.

Go to our Boutique here


Second Hand Fake Fur Coat via Carou 


Esther's favorite! Why? Because it feels like visiting a huge thrift store. You have to look and search, but when you do, you can find the best treasures, I promise! And sometimes to really surprisingly small prices. Plus they have everything. From vintage treasures to trendy pieces and designer items.

Insider tip: You should check out their style categories as the amount of clothes in they offer can sometimes seem overwhelming - especially if you are looking for something specific.

We also have a little treat for you this month: with DIEKONSUMENTIN20 until November30 you get 20% discount on your purchase!


Studio Kor wool top, skirt and straw hat | vintage boots

Studio Kôr

Let's start with a new kid in the world wide web over which I have recently stumbled upon online. Berlin based Studio Kôr is the Vintage Online Shop I had been missing out on regarding conscious, modern and a clean curated selection of vintage pieces. (Especially while dwelling in all the oh-so-beautiful selections of stores that are based in the U.S., in France or elsewhere, where shopping seemed somewhat complicated and also a little decadent.)

Now, thanks to the wonderful founder Laura Pausewang who has an eye for discovering and curating pre-loved high quality treasures, we have a most beautiful answer coming from Germany. Can you feel the beautiful quality of the garments by just looking at them, too?


Collection No.2 jumpsuit and earrings | second hand slides


Collection No.2


Collection No.2 is probably the first Concept Shop that made me fall in love with the idea of shopping vintage online. I had formerly been searching through every vintage store possible whenever having a little time to look for special pieces that my mind had come up with – while choosing garments with the hands rather than the eyes, because when shopping vintage the touch and the feel is what most often makes you discover the most beautiful treasures.

Then I stumbled over Karoline Degerings Online-Shop-slash-Concept-Store, which the photographer at heart is very carefully curating, choosing only the most beautiful pieces of garments. Do you recognize it from our Slow Fashion Manifest? I promise, the haptic of every garment she choses equals the beautiful pictures she takes.


Vino Kilo dress | Vintage boots




We've known the team behind VINO KILO, a Mainz based slow fashion start up that's behind most of the vintage kilo sale events all over germany, for a while now and quickly became friends withe the ueber-fun group of people. Not only have we selected and auctioned a few favorite vintage pieces together during our launch party, but also sorted unbelievable amounts of second hand clothing together. While – you probably can imagine – discussing every dimension of the second hand clothing market.

Why we highly recommend their shop? Find amounts and amounts of vintage Levi's denim, pre-loved Burberry Trenchcoats, ueber-fun vintage dresses and everything else you dream of finding in the next vintage kilo shop. 


Other online vintage concept stores you should know?