A guide to: ethical jewellery

A guide to:
ethical jewellery

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Ethical jewellery, what does that actually mean?
The materials for conventional jewellery are often mined under horrible constitutions: for the workers and the environment, and as with fast fashion, cheap jewellery is often only worn a handful of times before it ends up in landfill.

Ethical jewellery, in turn, means transparent supply chains, fair labour, sustainable sourcing, and the use of sustainable, often recycled materials.

In this guide, we show you a range of our favourite ethical jewellery labels: from classically elegant, to fashionable, and wildly contemporary.

Ethischer Schmuck, was bedeutet das eigentlich?
Die Materialien für konventionellen Schmuck werden oft unter schlechten Bedingungen gewonnen: für die involvierten Arbeiter*innen sowie die Umwelt. Bei Modeschmuck ist es ähnlich wie bei  Fast Fashion: der Schmuck wird meist nur ein paar Mal getragen, bevor er auf der Müllhalde landet.

Bei ethischer Schmuck dagegen sind die Lieferketten transparent, die Arbeitsbedingungen fair und Gewinnung der Materialien nachhaltig. Oft werden auch recycelte Materialen verwendet.

In diesem Guide zeigen wir euch eine Reihe unserer liebsten ethischen Schmucklabels: von klassisch elegant, zu modisch bis crazy contemporary.

Let’s start with high quality and timeless design: Ana Dyla!

If you are looking for classic and simply beautiful jewellery, this is thee label for you! Timeless designs, but on top of todays zeitgeist! 

All their pieces are produced under fair working conditions in small ateliers in Turkey.

About the label: Ana Dyla has the idea to create jewellery right out of nature. The jewellery follows the uniqueness of the gems. Keeping the focus on fair, sustainable and small-scale production to keep the pieces exclusive and wearable. High quality is a must cause Ana Dyla is meant to stay with you forever. Silver and gold will last eternally.


Ethical Fashion News Altert: sustainability perfectionist Natascha von Hirschhausen launched her first jewellery collection! ‘WasteLessFuture jewellery’ Recycled jewelry pieces, handmade by artisans fair-trade in India.

About the Label: Natascha von Hirschhausen stands for easy, elegant designer fashion, produced locally on demand in Berlin in a radically sustainable and zero-waste manner – always aiming to set the benchmark for sustainable fashion.


Ellen Debie Ceramics is a Belgian label with wich you will stand out of the ordinary. The brand focusses on quality, invests in a conscious production process. Their pieces are unique and trendy, yet somehow timeless.

About the label: It all started during the first COVID lockdown, while Elen’s kids were busy playing with playdoh, she started experimenting making jewelry out of polymer clay. Not long after that she fell in love with porcelain during ceramic classes, and soon became a member of the atelier to experiment more. The result: porcelain statement earrings in curved shapes and earthy tones. Lucky us! This is a label to watch!


Ethical Fashion News Alert the second! COSSAC, one of our favourite fair fashion labels, launched a limited edition of handcraft statement jewellery this season: PAPIROGA X COSSAC EXCLUSIVE COLLABORATION. And what beautiful pieces! We are all here for it!

Find out more about the label here.

The collaboration was designed for those who believe that fashion can still be a source of joy in the current uncertain world. It’s a proof accessories can be a thrill, they are able to make your day brighter & make you feel a little better

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What beautiful jewellery, what classic yet special pieces! Stilnest. is for people who believe in lasting quality and style.

Stilnest. is a small sustainable brand based in Berlin where they design all their products. They focus on slow crafting and work with materials that are recycled, fairly sourced, or Fairtrade. All of the pieces are made-to-order to avoid, and hand made in the south of Germany by a small goldsmith family. Therefore it takes around 14 days for customers to receive the order.

As they say: “How sad would it be if something that has been there for billions of years would be wasted? ” and we just love that!

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Oh hi there, can you be more on top of todays zeitgeist than this one?

Alex Gasparis a young jewellery designer on the rise, who recently launched her label. All pieces are handmade from recycled silver in her studio in Amsterdam.

The pieces of her latest collection “Tears” are fused pure silver shapes that flow along the wearer’s fingers or ears. Each piece is handmade and unique and in their form.


In the Witching hours of the 21st century, Chloe is investigating our reality, forging the unreal from fragments of the real… oeh what? 

Understand it or not, her pieces are pure magic! Chloe uses jewellery as a shamanic language while mixing raw materials with contemporary digital associations.

Her pieces are amulets, that are supposed to empower the wearer through their symbolic qualities. Well we love it All her pieces are handmade from recycled materials in her studio in London.


VRNQ jewellery is an homage to nature! – Playful, yet beautifully elegant.

All items are designed and handmade by the founder Véronique Schweizer herself  in her studio in Trier. Most of her pieces are limited, as she reuses leftover materials. Also she uses lots of natural materials such as mother-of-pearl, gemstone and freshwater pearls, each piece is unique and a tribute to the imperfect beauty of nature.

About the label: Nature is the greatest source of inspiration for Véronique’s designs. When she founded her label in 2017, she was in the middle of her fashion design studies and decided to dedicate herself to her second passion, jewellery.

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Cool, rough and sweet, Fremdformat can do it all!

Their jewellery is designed and produced in their studio in Heidelberg. But they also pay close attention to the origin of the materials purchased and the associated compliance with labour standards.

About the label: Fremdformat originally started making jewellery out of industrial waste, such as offcuts and punching scraps. The first pieces of jewellery were made from brass, copper or stainless steel. By now they expanded their selection of materials to include 925 eco recycled silver and recycled 14 ct gold.


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