A guide to: Eco-fair underwear

A guide to:
eco-fair underwear

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shortcuts – Ethical lingerie, organic basics, eco intimates, eco-fair underwear. There are a few keywords one can nowadays browse through when looking for underwear brands that produce with the health of the environment and their customers’ skin in mind. Why underwear should be the number first gadget when it comes to replace a conventional wardrobe with eco conscious clothing? The answer is easy: the chemicals often used in the process of fibre making and textile dyeing are something one does not really want having immediate skin contact with. If you come to think about it: how come that we didn’t talk about ecologically and fairly produced underwear earlier in our online diary? We admit that a mise-en-scene of our very own underwear always seemed like a strange thought. And, on the other hand, that underwear, unlike the more fashionable and luxurious garments within the fashion cosmos, has to be tested regarding  its wearability with much longer breath.

And here we are at the crux of the matter: new keywords and label variety or not, at the end of the day the product has to convince through cosiness, quality and aesthetics – more than other garments, we believe. Over the past years we have tried and tested – sometimes disappointed, then again highly enthusiastic– different labels throughout the rather young eco conscious fashion  market. Here is a small first selection of labels for you, which have especially convinced us for different reasons. May we present? Our favourite eco-fair underwear labels to date!

Ethical lingerie, organic basics, eco intimates, eco-fair underwear. Es gibt inzwischen so einige Schlagworte, nach denen frau* suchen kann wenn es um Unterwäsche geht, die unter Berücksichtigung der Gesundheit der Umwelt und der Haut ihrer Kund*innen produziert wird. Warum Unterwäsche das erste sein sollte, wenn es darum geht, die Kleiderschrank ökologisch bewusster zu füllen? Die Antwort ist, klar: Die Chemikalien, die bei der Faserherstellung und der Textilfärbung oft verwendet werden und mit denen man nicht unbedingt direkten Hautkontakt haben wollen sollte. Eigentlich verrückt also, dass wir zum Thema ökologisch und fair produzierte Unterwäsche nicht früher in unserem Online Tagebuch gesprochen haben. Nehmt ihr es uns weniger übel wenn wir zugeben, dass das zum einen am Ablichten der eigenen Wäsche lag – und zum anderen daran, dass Wäsche, anders als Schönes und Luxuriöses aus dem Modekosmos, viel länger auf ihre Tragfähigkeit geprüft werden muss?

Und wären wir auch schon beim Knackpunkt: neue Schlüsselwörter und Label-Vielfalt hin oder her, am Ende muss das Produkt gerade bei Unterwäsche durch Gemütlichkeit, Qualität und Ästhetik überzeugen – mehr als bei allen anderen Kleidungsstücken, so finden wir. Über die vergangenen Jahre haben wir uns – hin und wieder enttäuscht, dann wiederum hochbegeistert – durch unterschiedliche Namen auf dem jungen Eco Fashion Markt getestet. Und hier eine kleine erste Auswahl an Leblos für euch parat, die uns aus unterschiedlichen gründen besonders überzeugt haben. Dürfen wir präsentieren? Unsere liebsten öko-fairen Unterwäsche Labels to date!

The Lingerist:  Oh so sensual … this incredibly romantic set is just to die for – or rather to live in.

The Lingerist

Let’s not start with just one lingerie label, but a beautifully curated online shop: The Lingerist provides a stage to independent and innovative lingerie brands. 

And what a selection: from incredibly sexy to everyday basics – at The Lingerist you will find what you are looking for.

And how do they select their brands sustainability-wise? The Lingerist assesses the impact of the production of their brands with the help of their so called ‘Conscious criteria’. Before they launch a product on their website, they send a questionnaire to the brand which they fill in per product. This allows for a unified assessment which helps us to understand the impact of each product on planet, people and animals.

Want to check it out? With the discount Code ‘KONSUMENTIN’ you can get 10% off.

Fair Fashion Label Guide - Eco Fair Underwear - Ethical Lingerie
Fair Fashion Label Guide - Eco Fair Underwear - Ethical LingerieFair Fashion Label Guide - Eco Fair Underwear - Ethical Lingerie
Fair Fashion Label Guide - Eco Fair Underwear - Ethical LingerieFair Fashion Label Guide - Eco Fair Underwear - Ethical Lingerie

Organic Basics:  Our all-time favorites turned out to be the rather feminine Soft Touch line made from Tencel  in picture 1, 2 & 3.

Organic Basics

Let’s start with the basics, highly comfortable, high level of coolness: »Basically better made« is the slogan of the danish underwear brand Organic Basics. Founded in Copenhagen in 2015 the label quickly became infamous throughout the fair fashion scene for it’s especially wellmade high quality basics. Can you tell how excited we were when finally talking to the team behind the brand about testing a few of their pieces?

Why we highly recommend trying the brand? First and most important: we love the label’s take on sustainability, talking fabrics like GOTS certified cotton, Tencel and recycled Nylon, long-lasting garments and fair and socially sustainable production in Turkey and Portugal. Nearly equally important: is the level of comfort you immediately feel when slipping into the garments. We tried to make this point as clear as possible by doing gymnastics in front of the camera. Convinced?

Fair Fashion Label Guide - Eco Fair Underwear - Ethical Lingerie

Comazo|earth: The Avocadostore x comazo|earth “Fair To Myself” collection


Feminine comfort on a budget: comazo|earth is a traditional family business, founded in 1884, that knows how to produce sustainable fashion by heart (it is Fairtrade, GOTS and PETA-Approved Vegan certified). We admit that, avoiding the more traditional eco fashion brands while searching for eco-fair underwear treasures we could recommend up here, we maybe wouldn’t have stumbled upon the label if it wouldn’t have been for the Avocadostore x comazo|earth “Fair To Myself” campaign this year.

Why we highly recommend trying the pieces that have been designed by the team behind two of the more well known eco fashion players? First of all, because the comfort really convinced us over the past year. Second, because the pieces somehow find a beautiful balance between comfort and femininity. And third: because this is a brand where you can really start building an eco-fashion wardrobe on a budget – a point that is not to underestimate, especially when it comes to garments that are often worn and needed in a much bigger amount than talking the perfect jeans, for example. Voilà: Here’s the answer on how to  stop buying packs of undies at the fast fashion retailer, immediately.

Fair Fashion Label Guide - Eco Fair Underwear - Ethical Lingerie
Fair Fashion Label Guide - Eco Fair Underwear - Ethical Lingerie

Tizz & Tonic: Our favorite panty print to date? Girl Talk by Tizzy’s & Tonic!

Tizz and Tonic

Let’s go bolder: Printed panties! Sometimes, comfort means feeling as feminine as possible (see the example above). Sometimes comfort means feeling bold and having a little extra fun underneath your work dress. If talking underwear with bold prints, we can’t recommend a better brand than the young Bremen based label Tizz & Tonic that dedicated it’s mission to designing underwear from organic cotton that brings as much fun as possible into our wardrobes.

Why we highly recommend trying the label? The panties and bras are not only made from smooth organic cotton – they are also most comfortably cut, fitting different kinds of body (or booty) types surprisingly well. Regarding the fact that the label is designing their own digital prints, ordering them to be printed on organic cotton, the garments are more than affordable. And last but not least: do we need to mention the fun factor again?

Fair Fashion Label Guide - Eco Fair Underwear - Ethical Lingerie
Fair Fashion Label Guide - Eco Fair Underwear - Ethical Lingerie

Maas: When it comes to super-soft silk garments! (Shirt & Slip)


Soft luxury: Underwear made from silk? Maas Natur is one of the pioneering eco fashion brands from Germany that we re-discovered for their expertise in materials and good quality. One would may not expect it at a first glance: But a great bunch of our favorite and most beautiful garments in our closets actually wear the brands garment tag.

Why we highly recommend trying the label in terms of underwear? An especially beautiful line of basics (there’s more than shirts and slips by the way) is made from smoothest, GOTS certifies organic silk. There’s probably nothing better for your skin in terms of touch.

Fair Fashion Label Guide - Eco Fair Underwear - Ethical Lingerie
Fair Fashion Label Guide - Eco Fair Underwear - Ethical Lingerie
Fair Fashion Label Guide - Eco Fair Underwear - Ethical LingerieFair Fashion Label Guide - Eco Fair Underwear - Ethical Lingerie

Organic Basics Invisible Line: Body, Tank Top80’s Briefs,

Organic Basics (The Invisible Line)

A short update, including a second spot on Organic Basics. As we formerly had missed out on ›invisible‹ underwear we were glad to hear that he Copenhagen based label has dedicated a line of underwear to exactly this topic. (I admit that, regarding functional and invisible underwear I sometimes need for shootings, evening dresses etc., I still am shopping in the big warehouses our city has to offer).

Why we highly recommend trying the line? Not only the range of ›skin‹ tones but also the variety of designs and shapes are perfectly combinable with the needs of your very own body. I am wearing the 80’s briefs and am bigger fan of the body than the top (regarding the fact that I like to have my belly free from seam lines.) But: you will probably find you own pieces of preference?

Fair Fashion Label Guide - Eco Fair Underwear - Ethical Lingerie
Fair Fashion Label Guide - Eco Fair Underwear - Ethical Lingerie

Lovjoi Intimates: Two favorite bras Feathermoss and Evening Primrose

Lovjoi Intimates

Last but not least: if a label deserves the keyword ethical lingerie in this post, it is without question Lovjoi IntimatesAlready a well known brand for eco-fashion Lovjoi has recently launched their own line of underwear that is as exciting as it is sustainable.

Why we highly recommend trying the brand? Well, at first the underwear is free of any toxic substances and polyurethane foam. The maybe less obvious: Everyone who has been browsing though the world of eco-fair underwear knows how hard it is to find more dramatic and beautifully designed pieces of lingerie that are somewhat affordable and don’t lack quality. We can gladly say we found a solution that aesthetically pleased us so much that we couldn’t help taking a few more pictures in Esther’s new habitat. Find the whole post here.